Xmas Offer 25% OFF!!!

Hi Guys & Gals,

It’s that time of year again when everyones starting to look for presents for their loved ones, Or starting to think about Fitting into that Christmas Party Dress.

Well here at JC-Personal Training, I understand that every little help’s with easing the burden of paying for things at Christmas.

Thats why i’m Offering a 25% Discount on all Training Packages &  Class Packages up until December 25th 2013.

So that you can save a little on Buying your self or someone you love the Gift of Fitness,

Maybe you just want to lose a few pounds before the Christmas Party.


Maybe  Someone you know could do with a little help with their training or has been thinking about getting a personal trainer but just not quite got round to it.

Either way it just got that little more affordable for you and your family.

So take me up on this Special Offer and give your self or another the Gift of Fitness this Christmas
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