“Having been a regular gym attendee, I was mortified to suddenly develop debilitating sciatic pain in my hip and lower back.  I struggled to achieve my usual fitness and over a period of 3 years spent many hours and much money trying various treatments to try to eliminate my sometimes excruciating pain.
I often had to miss my usual gym sessions and struggled to keep up with a weekly pilates class needing to sit out of many of the exercises. I often found it impossible to drive and sitting at my desk at work was extremely difficult.
When I consulted James for some help, I never imagined I would be completely pain free within weeks.  My fitness levels are above anything I have achieved before and I do not have any pain at all.  I find his knowledge of each individuals needs astounding. With his gentle encouragement and a different routine each week I have found exercising invigorating and life changing. He is a delight to work with and I cannot recommend him enough to anyone who is in need of rehabilitation or an athletic consultation.”





I have been fitness training for over 15 years now and in that time I have tried a number of Personal Trainers at the various gyms I have been a member at.  Although some results were seen, overall I never really achieved the results I wanted and resolved my common issues of motivation, mental focus and pushing through plateaus.  Therefore when James approached me one day and offered me a free taster session, I was at first slightly unsure, as many before him had not really taken on board my ambitions and shortcomings such as being asthmatic.  I can now honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made, as James has taken me to a fitness level I never thought I could achieve.  My motivation and focus is 100% better and this is down to the great variety of programs James creates to continually challenge me.  I can really see now changes in my physique and even when I have wobbles; James picks me up and re-motivates me.

James has outstanding knowledge in the fitness industry and is exceptional in particular areas such as core stability, muscle toning and Pilates, all of which he seamlessly incorporates into my routines.  James also has that rare ability to listen to and take on board his clients strengths and weakness while keeping the routine fresh and current.

If you are looking to improve fitness and feel fully motivated during your workouts then I highly recommend you contact James and see how he can change the way you think about fitness for ever.

Allan Gerrard

Area Manager

Babcock Training (UK’s largest based training provider)




“A thoroughly enjoyable and varied workout schedule ideally suited to my individual requirements”

“Clearly has a detailed knowledge of how the body works and how to get it working better”

“After months of unsuccessful physiotherapy to treat a longstanding running injury I was recommended to try a free consultation with James and six sessions of targeted muscle rebalancing and a tailor made stretching routine later the problem had gone, and gone for good!”


“James continues to push me to my limits during regular one hour workouts which continually change and develop  – they are fun, effective and totally knackering!!!”

 Philip Naylor age 38, Owner of Bonkers!!! Discount Store




“Following a detailed consultation James created an individual pilates based workout routine for me which successfully helped me recover from a severe lower back problem and continues to develop programmes for me to continue to strengthen my back and increase my personal fitness”

Natalie Grundy aged 24, Owner of Bonkers Hair & Nails Salon



“I have been training with James a couple of years now (I think). Initially James was in my gym and gave me impartial advice to help me overcome some old sports injuries (I had played amateur Rugby Union to a high level, as well as football and tennis). His advice was helpful and I then employed James to see if he could help rid me of niggling injuries / strains that over the years had worsened and were preventing me from participating in any sports. James developed programmes to target the specific injuries, the result being that I am now rid of the injuries and can enjoy amateur sports again. I enjoy training with James still, he adopts a flexible approach to sessions, at times to suit me, complete with Worksheets and step by step instructions made by himself to ensure I am doing the exercises correctly. He offers advice outside of our arranged sessions, offers encouragement and drive. I cannot recommend him highly enough, “an inspiration.”

Martin Dutton Partner at Estate Research




“I had toyed with the idea of hiring a personal trainer for around a year, and had researched a great number in the surrounding area. However, I continued to do what I had always done; visiting the gym and getting increasingly more irritated at my lack of progress.

I was introduced to James by a friend, who had recently taken up his services and could not praise him highly enough.

From the initial phone call, I was immediately at ease, and any fears I had harboured in the past, fears that had prevented me from taking that first step, were dispelled.

James not only carried out his own evaluation of my current strengths and weaknesses, but also asked for my input, including the areas I would like to work on.

Sessions were then tailored to my needs, with exercises differing from week to week, and never the same routine twice. I always left The Unit feeling like I had achieved something.

To support the work I was doing with him in person, James also created exercise plans that I could use in the gym. These plans were challenging and detailed, giving me the motivation and direction I had been lacking previously.

Add to this the excellent classes that James has started, and yet another dimension has been added to the whole process.

In a relatively short time, I have noticed an improvement. But more importantly, and perhaps more indicative of James’ skills and abilities, other people have noticed a difference within me.

James is personable, enthusiastic and approachable. He is passionate about what he does, and will always make time for you no matter how busy he may be.

I not only consider James to be my trainer, but I consider him to be a friend.”

Grant Kent




I started attending the JCPT Primal fitness classes about 3 months ago. In this time I’ve seen the sessions evolve into a fantastic group exercise session, for all levels of people. There is a great sense of camaraderie within the group which is actively encouraged by James. There is a real focus on safety in the gym and James is always on hand to correct potential errors with good use of constructive feedback. I have been a member of a number of gyms throughout my life, but I have never seen results happen so quickly and with such a smile on my face the whole way through. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone of any skill level. Each workout can be varied to suit any level of fitness, making the experience enjoyable to all.

Chris Grant




Started training with James in January, very unhappy and overweight with confidence issues – the main reason for wanting to lose weight was for my niece who is now 2 – wanted to be able to be active with her which 6 months ago is something I couldn’t do. Training with James twice a week is fantastic, nothing is ever the same he makes each session unique to myself and my abilities and they get better and more interesting each week. I’ve chosen not to weight myself till I’m ready, but I’ve gone down in my clothes and I’m a hell of a lot healthier and happier now – I actually look forward to each session I have with James. James understands that some of my movement can be limited due to a fused ankle joint, however this is not an issue and it is actually a lot stronger since training with James. James is a great PT, I would recommend him to anyone – he’s highly supportive and understanding and is great at what he does – he’s helped massively with my diet too.

Thanks James!

Hannah Pierce



Testimonial for you: we started working with James about a year before we were due to get married, mainly with the aim of shaping up for the wedding. And it worked! He pushed us much harder than we would have pushed ourselves in the gym and he also tailored the workouts to suit or abilities, always with the goal of pushing us to the next level. A year after the wedding and we are still working with him. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a ‘normal’ gym…

Christine Schofield-Jones



James is an inspirational trainer, his patience, skill and understanding has helped me lose weight and set me on the road to a healthier and happier life. James’ enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self belief. I am now training at a level that I would not have thought possible 3 months ago. I look forward to each session and each session is different to the last.

Scott Wrath




My wife and I have been working with James for fast approaching 2 years now, initially to get in shape for our wedding (it worked, I dropped a trouser size) but since then we’ve just not stopped as James has encouraged and pushed us along to even greater levels of fitness. James has an uncanny knack of knowing what I’m capable of before I do, pushing me when I’m not in the mood but always recognising when I’ve reached my limits. Since James took on his unit and started doing classes we’ve started doing those too, working in a class with a group of like minded people is great fun and very motivational too. I’m now giving serious consideration to cancelling my gym membership (I’ve forgotten what the place looks like) and investing in more time with James as I 100% buy into his ethos, skills and dedication.

Paul Schofield