Flexibility Training

With my flexibility training, we can improve your athletic performance and health. A proper stretching routine can increase your power and improve co-ordination as well as help muscle recover from exercise.

Flexibility training is also essential if you want to avoid injuries and muscle imbalances caused by muscle tightness.

As you train your muscles will become stronger, but also tighter and this can lead to restricted movement and blood flow through the muscles.

I can teach you how to get the most out of your training by incorporating a suitable stretching routine. I will provide you with stretch sheets and stretches specific to you so you can do your stretches perfectly when you’re not training with me.  I also offer assisted stretching , where I stretch you for you. You get to relax at the end of your workout while I stretch your muscles and by the time I’ve finished stretching your tired body, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to do it all again.